Scholastic Book Fair


Many thanks to all the adults who came to the book fair. We have been able to get some great new books
for the library. If you see anything you would like to borrow, please see Mrs Carter in the library with your request. I would recommend The Light Jar, The Explorers, Rooftoppers and any of the Frank Cottrell Boyce books. My next read will be Phoenix by SF Said because I loved Varjak Paw by the same author. Which one will be your next read?

Sponsored Read


Many thanks to the parents that supported the sponsored read. The school set a target of £600 and we have achieved that. We will be able to spend over £1000 at Usborne books who are offering the school additional books for the money raised. Over the next few weeks, children will be able to put their recommendations into the box in the library so that we can stock the library with their choices. Here are some of the books to choose from.
Many thanks again.

Book door


To add to our reading week activities, each class have created a door to represent a book they are sharing as a class. This is ours. Everyone planned their ideas and then parts were taken from different children to create a brilliant door. Great team effort.

This Week

A whole round of testing this week for year 6. A busy week for the children and the adults. Today, they had a science day investigating how to categorise various living and non living things.